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We've been servicing the entire metropolitan atlanta area for over 10 years! We've got you covered no matter what side of town you are on. We service the following areas....

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Providing Pallets to Metro Atlanta
for over 10 years!


We specialize in


Providing the highest grade quality new and recycled wooden pallets. Custom catered to your specific requirements.

The Highest Quality

Pre-cut Pallet Lumber | Pallet Boards | Pre-Cut Pallet Stock

  • Reliable source of high quality pallet pre-cut
  • Runner/Stringer stock from 7/8″ to 8″ thick (typical sizes are 1-1/8, 1-1/4, 1-3/8)
  • Low-Profile Runners (1 x 2-1/2) available as well
  • Board stock from 3/8″ and up
  • We can cut any size you need – don’t be shy – give us a call!
  • Heat Treatment, Bark Free for Export Needs (IPPC/ISPM-15)
  • Large and small volume orders

Why Choose Wood Over Plastic?

Both plastic pallets and hardwood pallets are used as viable shipping board mechanisms. But there are benefits to using wooden pallets that often get overlooked due to the rise in plastic products elsewhere. 


For starters, wooden pallets are less expensive than plastic pallets, particularly when you buy in bulk, wholesale pallets. This is not only a way to save money up front, but it’s also smart if you ship overseas often. Whether you use pine pallets or other types of hardwood pallets, an overseas shipment means you won’t get the pallet back. This is less of a problem if you’re using pallet planks made from wood that you can replace for less money.

Wooden pallet boards are fully recyclable and biodegradable, which makes them a great choice for sustainability. Plastic, though it has many uses today, is not biodegradable which means that plastic waste can build up and cause environmental damage. With pre-cut lumber pallet planks, you can rest assured that the boards aren’t causing waste build up.

If you have large shipments and need pallet boards to accommodate the weight, hardwood pallets are a great choice. When compared to plastic pallets, wooden pallets are generally able to carry heavier loads, which means you can trust that the shipment will be transported safely. When you choose Troymill for pallet boards for sale, you can further customize the boards to fit your needs. We can craft nearly any cut you need, and we are happy to provide material by the truck load so you can utilize pallet boards for your specific application.

The Basics

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We can ship less than a truckload, custom solutions can be accommodated but the usual shipment is 1000 or more.

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Distributor of wooden pallets sizes 48x40, 48x48, 36x36 and some custom size pallets.

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We service the entire metro area inside and outside the perimeter. Expedited delivery is available upon request.

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Unfortunately we do not currently offer overseas shipping options, but possibly.

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We've been servicing the entire metropolitan atlanta area for over 10 years! We've got you covered no matter what side of town you are on. We service the following areas....


Hear What Our Customers Say


This is one of the best pallet manufacturers in the southeastern region. The service is impeccable and the quality of work is unmatched. Thanks for providing good products


Customer service made it very easy to order the materials I needed, and even sent over detailed schematics so I could confirm the dimensions were exactly what I needed.


Great company! I really appreciate the quality product and excellent customer service from Pallet Consultants. I highly recommend.


Pallet Consultants were extremely helpful and easy to work with, they really went the extra mile to accommodate my needs.


Best pallet company around. Great service and product. Sasha and team always responds quickly to emails and calls.

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